Coating and finishing


  • Water-based systems: Complete (acrylic) system for wood finishing used both in exteriors and interiors. The product provides a natural texture and high performance. It also contributes to the protection of both the environment and the users’ health, and it is compatible with different types of applications: from children’s playgrounds and woodworking shops, to industrial applications.
  • Solvent-based system: Acid-catalyzed system used in Colombia. High-quality and high-performance products for industrial use.
  • Glues: Optimal water-based glues for wood. Industrial use.


  • Industrial maintenance: Aqueous products that enable an easy and quick application, and provide a high level of metal protection for both industrial and home use.


  • Architectural finishing: High-performance aqueous products with a low VOC content. The products enable an easy application with a broad functionality for both industrial and home use.


  • Industrial-use water-based coating for floors and pavement marking.